Oxygen Catalysis at Low Temperature

Oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) are central to low-temperature catalysis in many energy conversion and storage system, such as low-temperature fuel cells, anion exchange membrane fuel cells, and metal-air batteries (MABs). These electrochemical devises have not yet been successfully commercialized due to the slow kinetics of OER/ORR and the high cost of potential electrocatalyst. To enhance the overall performance and lower the cost of the whole system, development of catalyst for OER/ORR is of prime importance. In our group, we are interested in discover cost-effective, stable, and highly efficient electrocatalytic materials for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions. We mainly focus on investigating the catalytic mechanisms and developing novel materials, such as non-noble metal nanoparticles, perovskite-type materials, nonstoichiometric oxides, and porous carbon, for improved OER/ORR catalysts. In addition, advanced synthesis methods is another research interests of our group to create new structure and to get pure phase of highly efficient catalysts.


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