Congratulations to Jian Wang, Mattia Saccoccio, Kan Kan (Kandy) Yeung, and Kwun Yu (Mike) Lam for winning the gold award at the JEC – Outstanding Engineering Project Award (OEPA). OEPA was introduced to encourage future engineers to embrace changes for improvement and to be innovative in the engineering industry. Ever since the first OEPA was launched in 2005, students from various institutions have competed intensely for the Awards.

The team developed a novel high-performance electrolyte material for all solid-state lithium-ion batteries. This novel electrolyte material makes lithium batteries safer because it is stable from -100 to 800 C and it is inert in air. Since such material can be fabricated as a thin film, the weight of the battery can be greatly reduced. The decreased weight and the increased safety are key enabling factors to next-generation energy storage devices.

Additional info can be found at this JEC link

Congratulations again to Jian, Mattia, Kandy, and Mike on their innovative work.